Magdi Assad

Laila-Christine & I inside the great pyramid of Giza


B. Eng. [Mechanical] - McGill University [1971]
M. Ed.&endash; McGill University [1977]
M. Eng. [Mechanical] &endash; Concordia University [1979]        


Following graduation in 1971, I worked in a mine in the eastern townships for few years. When I had enough of the quiet life of that village, I decided to move back to Montreal. I was then hired by an engineering consulting firm for two years. In the fall of 1975 I was offered a position with Vanier College to teach and administer an applied technology program [Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration field]. The program is designed to prepare technologists to assist engineers and contractors in the building industry. We graduate about 18 students per year & many of them hold key positions in the industry. At one point, I was lucky to have my classmates; Allen Tencer & Joe Zalzal join me to teach at Vanier.  I am already planning for my freedom at 60! I very much enjoy teaching and the summer holiday it comes with it. It allowed me to spend more time with my family and accompany them on long trips, especially to my old country "Egypt" where some of my roots are found. In addition, it allows me to do some consulting work from home.


Got married to Colette in 1984 and we were blessed with two beautiful children:

Laila-Christine [21 ? years old] &endash; 3rd year student in Dentistry School at Université de Montréal

Michael-Andrew [20 years old] &endash; 2nd year student in Med. School at McGill University

Colette worked more than 25 years for Bell Canada. In 1996, Bell offered her an early retirement package, which she accepted. She is now working from the comfort of her office at home. 

Laila-Christine, Magdi and Michael-Andrew at Dorval airport

Magdi, Colette and Michael-Andrew

Michael-Andrew & I on a camel near the pyramids of Giza