Jonathan Ralbag

Jonathan and Dalia in Iceland last summer

Past 35 years ....
A little after graduation in 1971, I moved to Israel. I served in the Israeli army as a test engineer untill 1976. When I left the army I joined an Israeli company called Urdan and today I'm the deputy general manager in one of their plants, a steel foundry called ASF.  I'm married to Dalia since 1975 and I have 3 children. My son Maayan is an architect, my daughter Anat works as a development co-ordinator for a textile company and my daughter Netta is in the army now. 

Between 1986-1989 I was working for my company in our Detroit office and I got in touch with Arvo in Dawson Creek B.C.

What I remember most about Mech 71 is the good time.