Peter A Stricker

Pete at Great Wall, April 2001

Product Sales Engineer, Eaton Aerospace - Vickers Fluid Power - Jackson, Mississippi

Wife Maureen, audiologist and instructor at Jackson State University (retired)
Son Jonathan, 24, graduate student at University of Chicago in physics
Son Jeffrey, 21, undergraduate student (3rd year) at Mississippi State University in mechanical engineering

Past 35 years ....
After graduation, I moved to Powell River, BC to work for McMillan Bloedell in their paper mill. I lasted about a year - couldn't stand the isolation - then moved to Vancouver to pursue a masters degree in ME under Bob McKechnie at UBC, which I obtaind in 1975. I then worked at BC Research until 1979, on marine motion compensation systems.

I moved to the US in 1979 to work for Vickers (which was recently acquired by Eaton Corp.) on hydraulic components and systems for marine and aerospace. Along the way, I picked up a wife, an MBA, and a couple of kids. For the past 7 years I have been in sales, and had the opportunity to travel to Europe, China, Japan, Taiwan, Russia, and Brazil - should hit a million miles on Delta in the next few months.

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Jeffrey pursuing his hobby

Jonathan's graduation from Vanderbilt in 2005
with Maureen (above) and
getting his degree from Dr. Gee