Tony Yep

Photo taken in May 2006 showing my wife, Patricia, (now married for 34 years) and our new grandson, Kyle, who lives in Toronto with my oldest son and daughter-in-law.

After graduating, I worked for nine years in Montreal in a small consulting engineering firm where I ended up as a junior partner before leaving to go to Alberta in 1980 to work on bigger oil and gas projects, first in Edmonton and then in Calgary.  I've spent the last 26 years in Alberta .  I currently work for Bantrel in Calgary , an EPC company owned 89% by Bechtel with offices in Toronto and Edmonton . I joined Bantrel when it had 200 employees, and now we are closer to 3000 Canada wide. Our projects are predominantly in the downstream side of the oilsands industry. 

I've been with Bantrel for the last 17 years, working through a number of positions from Lead Mechanical, to Project Engineer, to Project Management, Mechanical Dept. Chief, Manager of Engineering, Manager of Project Engineering, and now back as a senior Project Manager building all these mega-projects you are no doubt hearing about in Alberta .  My current position is Deputy Director of the Suncor Voyageur Project which is a major project totalling $5 billion of the total $9 billion Voyageur project.  Essentially, Suncor is doubling their production and upgrading facilities to produce over 570,000 barrels/day by 2012.

The other attachment is a PowerPoint presentation which I recently prepared taking a lot of public domain information and consolidating the tremendous amount of data out there to describe the relevant facts about the Athabaska Oilsands and what this means to Alberta and Canada. Click here to view presentation (900K).

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